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Welcome V2: What Is This?

04 Mar 2023

I’ve tried in the past to write here, and have so far gotten stuck. On the one hand, there are a bunch of fun topics I think I could write about. On the other, I ask myself “who am I to put my words out there, and what does it say about me that I feel the need to?”. If it’s just about writing, or putting ideas down to flesh them out, why not just do a personal journal? This seems like flawed thinking, though, because:

  1. I enjoy a ton of others’ writing! There’s obviously potential value in it.
  2. Ya’ll can ignore this entire website if you want. I’m not forcing anyone to read it.

If you do decide to read along, here is what I hope this will be. It will be random fun engineering problems I work through, engineering I find in the wild and wish people knew existed, trip reports from hiking and running, writeups on random side projects I have, and generally thoughts I want to develop beyond daydreams. In otherwords, one heck of a hodge podge of thoughts. You will get to know a bit about who I am and why I think about by reading this. I hope it is grounded and not pretentous, but accurately reflects my thoughts instead of what I think will please everyone.

Also, I am at the start of what I’m telling myself is a “mid career break”. For now that means I’m traveling. I hope this can also serve as running update of my whereabouts for family and friends!

If you’re one of those friends and family, or just have thoughts (positive, negative, whatever) on something I write, reach out! (see email below)